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Love over Ego

There are many smart people in this world who aren't successful. Will Hunting (from the movie 'Good Will Hunting') is one example. He is the prototypical genius who doesn't have emotional intelligence. It wasn't his fault, as he came from a very tough childhood background. In the movie, he has a girlfriend who challenges him, although not in the way of typical IQ, but of the matter of emotion.

It is key to recognize who you are in this World and how you fit in. What is your family background? What is your support network like? Who are your friends? I always needed to be right in every argument. That's the big ego coming out. But what if your friends love you, but they know you do have a massive ego? How do they reach you? They could just say it, "You have a big EGO". But maybe more effective is the experience of tripping, the experience of vulnerability. You will scream, shout, and yell at the top of your lungs. Your ego is hurting. But emotionally, you are learning and you are healing.

I pray that you will go through this experience. Of the humbling of your ego. I pray that you will not get physically hurt or physically hurt others. But you must let go, sometime.


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