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Do you ever feel dread when there is no structure in your day?


Picture this. You had a great week of paid work, a productive session cleaning up the home, and you've spent time with your friends. Now you have some time to yourself to do whatever you want. Do you feel anxious? I know I use to.

Are you a planning type of personality? Then plan your day out.

Are you a hybrid of planning and spontaneous personality? Then plan 1-2 hours of activity, and use the other time to really do what you want and don't feel guilty for it. You deserve this free, unstructured time. Or put it another way, you need to learn to deal with this unstructured time.

Spontaneous personalities who feel anxious should overcome their fear by practicing small exposure to free time. I have a spontaneous personality, yet still think, "what activity do I do that maximizes my time?" No need to feel anxious. Just do it. Feel gratitude for the ability to learn and experience. The important thing is to keep active and keep moving. If your spontaneous thing is to do nothing, be mindful of this.

Fear and dread are natural. Remember, there is no perfect day.

Thanks for reading! Blessings!

----中文翻译 (Chinese Translation, perfect translation not guaranteed)-----

 shì huà xíng rén ma? ránhòu huà de tiān.

 shì huàxìng  xìng de hùn ma? ránhòu huà 1- 2 xiǎoshí de huódòng, bìng yòng  shíjiān zhēnzhèng zuò xiǎng zuò de shì, yào wèi gǎndào nèijiù. nín zhíde xiǎngshòu zhè duàn yóu de  shòuyuēshù de shíjiān. huòzhě huànhuàshuō,  yào xuéhuì chǔ zhè duàn  zhī de shíjiān.
           1 - 2                                                

gǎndào jiāo de xìng rén yīnggāi tōngguò liàn shǎoliàng de kòngxián shíjiān lái  kǒng.  yǒu   de xìng, dàn réngrán xiǎng,  zuò shénme huódòng  zuì xiàn de yòng de shíjiān?  gǎndào jiāo.  zuò jiù duìle. gǎnxiè xué  yàn de néng. zhòngyàodeshì bǎochí huóyuè bìng bǎochí yùndòng. guǒ de běnnéng fǎnyìng shì shénme dōu  zuò, qǐng zhù zhè diǎn.

xièxie yuè! zhù  yǒuxìng  de tiān.

------ChatGPT Version-----

here are some general tips that may help people who feel dread when there is no structure in their day:

  1. Create a schedule: Having a routine can provide a sense of structure and purpose.

  2. Set goals: Having specific, achievable goals to work towards can give a sense of direction and accomplishment.

  3. Practice self-care: Engage in activities that help reduce stress and promote overall well-being, such as exercise, meditation, or hobbies.

  4. Stay connected: Connecting with others through social activities, or reaching out to friends and family, can help alleviate feelings of isolation and boredom.

  5. Seek support: Talking to a mental health professional can help address and manage feelings of dread.


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